Why Here? Why Now?

Bookending the King: From Page to Screen in Colorado Springs

For years, Author Stephen King, through his “Dollar Baby Program,” allowed selected shorts’ adaptation rights to be licensed for non-commercial short film production. As of December 2023, the program was officially closed. All remaining contracts will be honored, but no more issued.

When the program began, one of the first films to be adapted through it came from local filmmakers in Colorado Springs, led by Ralph Giordano. Now, one of the last films to be adapted from the program will come from another team from the Springs (with Ralph coming aboard to cement the symmetry and significance of this local cinematic event).

As a writer and lover of horror for as long as he can remember, Rob Bowen (co-founder of the Colorado based independent production company, Whatsabudget Films) cut his proverbial teeth on the King. This opportunity is one of a lifetime for most writer/directors, but for Rob it is also a dream come true.

For over a decade now, Whatsabudget Films has been hard at work building a solid body of work and reputation in the Springs indie film scene! With well over 60 titles and music videos written, directed and produced since 2012, we are ready to take on this monumental addition to our cinematic catalog with Rob leading the way.

Our collective experience, that of our brand and of our production team, means we are perfectly positioned and prepared to tackle this project!